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Meet the Owner!

Updated: Apr 8

Hi! I'm Jeanette and Barnyard Buddies is part of my private hobby farm. My goal has been to bring a unique family activity to the community, to provide family bonding opportunities and memories, to encourage the empathy and understanding that children gain by interacting with animals, and to expose them to real farm activities.

I am the proud owner of this little ten-acre farm that is now home to…

· Over 30 goats, with kids expected in the spring months

· ponies

· donkeys

· pigs

· Chickens of varying colors and breeds to include the very rare La Fleche breed.

· Turkeys, ducks and geese – OH MY!



Currently, I cannot offer visits to the farm to interact with the animals. I’d love to have the farm open to the public, but Columbia County Planning & Zoning and the Board of Commissioners are adamantly opposed to such an attraction They will allow me to take my animals off of the farm for various activities, but I cannot do the same on my own property. So I offer pony rides, petting farms, and other animal activities at various events such as festivals, rodeos, church and school events and private parties. I also offer our popular goat yoga at various locations.

My animals are all very friendly and greatly appreciate it when visitors donate apples, carrots or other snacks. They all love the holidays when people donate pumpkins, and the goats love to munch Christmas trees. In the summer, watermelons are their favorite, but they love most produce.

I’m always adding something new around the farm and the educational opportunities are abundant. I hope to be able to offer more in the future!

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